Purple Belt Curriculum Content

Fourth to Third Kyu (Purple to First Brown Belt)

Kihon: Basics

From zenkutsu-dachi (front stance), gedan-barai (downward block)

  • Chudan oizuki (middle level front punch)
  • Chudan gyakuzuki (middle level reverse punch)
  • Age-uke (rising block)
  • Soto-uke (outer block)
  • Uchi-uke (inner block)

From kokutsu-dachi (back stance)

  • Shuto-uke (knife hand block)

From zenkutsu-dachi (front stance)

  • Maegeri (front kick)
  • Mawashigeri (roundhouse kick)
  • Ushirogeri (back kick)

From kiba-dachi (horse-riding stance)

  • Yokogeri-keage (side snap kick)
  • Yokogeri-kekomi (side thrust kick)

All basic movements are done to count on examiner’s command.

Kata: Forms

  • One of the five Heian Kata (as chosen by examiner)
  • Tekki Shodan

Kumite: Sparring

  • Kihon ippon-kumite (basic one-step sparring)

1. Jodan (head level)

2. Chudan (middle level)

3. Maegeri (front kick)

4. Yokogeri (side kick)

5. Mawashigeri (roundhouse kick)

Examiner will choose one of each attack, and examinee will be expected to perform each technique on left and right sides.  Then the examiner will ask the examinee to perform one of each defense at random.

Additional Content: Spirit Test

On a date prior to the actual test, the examinee will be asked to participate in a “Spirit test”.  This test consists of three 3-minute rounds of free sparring against different opponents for a total time of 9 minutes.  The examinee is expected to show their stamina, fighting skill and their spirit during this test.