Gohon Kumite – Five step sparring

Gohon kumite means five-step sparring and in general includes two main types – one a jodan attack defended by age-uke (rising block), and two a chudan attack defended by soto-uke (outer block). This video shows both attacks and defences. Gohon kumite is usually studied at the beginner level but there are more advanced versions of this partner work drill.

White Belt Curriculum Content

Tenth to Ninth/Eighth Kyu (White to Yellow Belt)

Kihon: Basics

From zenkutsu-dachi (front stance), gedan-barai (downward block)

  • Chudan oizuki (middle level front punch)
  • Chudan gyakuzuki (middle level reverse punch)
  • Jodan age-uke (head level rising block)
  • Chudan soto-uke (middle level outer block)

From zenkutsu-dachi (front stance)

  • Maegeri (front kick)
  • Mawashigeri (roundhouse kick)

All basic movements are done to count on examiner’s command.

Kata: Forms

  • Heian Shodan

Kumite: Sparring

  • Gohon kumite (five-step sparring)

1. Jodan (head level)

2. Chudan (middle level)