Free Trial Offer

Are you or your child ready to try something new that could potentially lead to a whole new level of energy, success and balance in your life?

The martial art of karate has many benefits for its practitioners.  Among other things, the practice of karate is a way to:

  • Improve your health and fitness
  • Sharpen your focus and discipline
  • Raise your levels of awareness and self-defense skills
  • Gain confidence and self-esteem
  • Have fun and make new friends

If any of these benefits interest you, then please take advantage of our FREE two-week trial and see if karate has a place in your life.

Just send an e-mail to with any questions you have and we will send you more information on your FREE trial offer that includes two free weeks of karate classes to try our program.


3 thoughts on “Free Trial Offer

  1. Hello I am interested in trying this program out for my 6 year old. When would we be able to come in and try the program out?

  2. im interested in training, i understand you offer free trial, but what are the actual dues once the free trial is over?

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