There are a number of useful products offered by Seishin Shotokan Karate.  Here is an overview of what’s available.


For details of our club membership just go to our Free Trial Offer page and find out how to sign up.


There is an onsite pro shop at our main dojo that carries a selection of karate uniforms, sparring gear, pads and targets, apparel, books and DVDs as well as other relevant items.


We have an online bookstore through Amazon that includes the most useful books and DVDs that are focused on Shotokan karate.  There are also some excellent books on martial arts philosophy and history.  Check out the bookstore today!


Paul Walker released his first book Lessons with the Master in June 2007.  The book details his time in Japan training at Master Hirokazu Kanazawa’s Headquarters Dojo in Tokyo for three years.  Many great lessons were learned during this time and the book offers a full account of each and every lesson as well as numerous tips for students and instructors alike.  The book is available through our club bookstore, from Amazon or from the publisher iUniverse.  Click here to visit the official book website.


There are several curriculum DVDs that are available to club members to assist in self-study outside of the weekly classes.  The DVDs cover the kihon, kata and kumite drills that are practiced in class and that are required for testing.  These DVDs are available for purchase at our dojo.


The Online Dojo is a new type of training experience that utilizes modern technology to present traditional Shotokan Karate.  As a member of the Online Dojo you will have access to curriculum resources in the form of videos, audios, written materials such as articles, reports and terminology sheets, as well as a whole host of sample training plans for students and sample lesson plans for instructors.  Check out the Online Dojo today to take your karate experience to the next level.


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